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Hasselblad C vs CF lenses

Since there are many more adapters for older Hasselblad lenses on digital cameras, I am looking at a Hasselblad telephoto lens.
This may have been addressed before, but will the C and CF lenses work on a digital camera with an electronic shutter?
It would require that the lens have a manual aperture ring, and a way to lock the shutter in the open position. I am hoping that the C lenses can be used as well as the CF,
as this will allow for more lens choices. Thanks for your input!



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With any Hasselblad V system lenses, you normally take them off off the camera with the shutter cocked. In that state, the shutter is open and the aperture is at full aperture for focusing. When you fit them to something like the 907x with the XV Adapter, the shutter remains open and you stop down the lens using the on-lens DoF preview control. This works fine for both C and CF lens types.

CF lens types have other features which allow them to be used on Hasselblad bodies with a focal plane shutter as well, which you can choose to work with on the 907x if you so desire.


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The C-lenses have the aperture and shutter speed ring coupled by default. You need to press down a lever if you want to change just one of them. This was for me the main reason to choose CF lenses. So it's more a matter of usability which may or may not bother you.