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Hello from Geneva (Switzerland)


Hi everyone,

I’m living close to Geneva in Switzerland. I’m doing mostly landscape with my GFX as an amateur, but am considering moving to a more technical camera approach that would allow me to practice the basics of view camera. I am contemplating the purchase of a Cambo GFX for this purpose.

I have always been fascinated by large format photography. The technical camera approach might be a way for me to get in this direction.

I’m excited to join a community which is showing itself, in these fields, very rich and supportive.

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Welcome SwissBear

ALPA would also be a product of interest for you .
They are situated in ZÜRICH and would be happy to arrange a date with you , to show you all equipment . A very good opportunity to get your hands on .

Just a short additional info : I have no relation to the ALPA company and do not comment on their behalf . I am just a very satisfied longtime ALPA user .