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HELP, I need a cable, or combo of, to attach my h3D (FireWire 800) to my new MacBook Pro.

I’m having a terrible time trying to come up with a cable, or cables, between Hasselblad H3D and my new MacBook pro, Thunder 3.

I would appreciate a simple solution. Thanks.


New member
The only solution I have found for USB-C to FW800 is the OWC 13 port dock. No longer available but occasionally a used one shows up:

It works well with PhaseOne FW800 backs (have not tried with a H3d), but requires AC power via an external DC power supply.

Best of luck!

Charles S

FWIW, I used to have an H3D, and tethering was difficult. It required a power source that was spliced into the FW cable to give it enough power, the power from the laptop alone was not enough, and it would only work with Flexcolor, I never got it to work for more than a couple of shots with Phocus.


New member
Phase One has some app notes particularly for those using older backs and Thunderbolt MacBooks. While the H3D is not a Phase One product, the app notes are useful in learning which adapters don’t deliver enough power. I use a Sonnet Technologies Thunderbolt Echo Express chassis and an Allegro Firewire card. I had called up Phase One and one of their support staffers recommended the Sonnet solution. Sonnet still sells a Tango card which has Firewire. Not sure how it’s different from the Allegro card but they don’t sell the Allegro card any more so Tango may be your best bet.