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How about some portraits

Vince Lupo

Well-known member
Sheesh most of you seem way out of my league as photographers (meaning you're way better than me!). I only have a few medium format portraits, most of mine have been with Leicas over the years.

The poet Nikki Giovanni photographed at her home. With a Rollei 2.8E.

Nikki Giovanni
by Vince Lupo, on Flickr

Jack, taken with an Ermanox and glass plate.

Jack 2021 Ermanox
by Vince Lupo, on Flickr

Riley, also with the Ermanox and some Rerapan 127.

First Ermanox Shot
by Vince Lupo, on Flickr

Maynard, with the 907x.

by Vince Lupo, on Flickr

Brenda, with the 907x.

by Vince Lupo, on Flickr

Caleb, with the 907x.

by Vince Lupo, on Flickr

I'm sure I have others somewhere about.
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