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How many A850/A900 shooters are going to hold on to their cameras?


I used to have the A850 and just got the A99 yesterday. So far, I think it's a significant improvement in PQ & WB accuracy. I don't miss the OVF at all.

Dan Ortego

New member
Put the a900 and ZA 135/1.8 through its low light / fast action paces tonight at my son's water polo practice, and the results show me that either the camera is not the best at focusing in low light, fast paced situations; I am not the best photographer (ok, a given); or both. At 3200 the images were usable, and they were useable at 4000, 5000, and 6400, but the focus was decidedly slower and inaccurate as the iso increased. I just wonder if the a99 would help matters...
It’s another slow Sunday so I decided to respond to this somewhat dated thread. I have the same combo as you and frankly I can’t think of a worst environment to shoot with that set-up. My 900 w/135 does best in a more controlled setting and preferably with a tripod. If you're just a casual shooter like many; there is no better combo to learn from in my view. Likewise, it's still more than great for portraits and such, and when the ZA 50 1,4f arrives next year, the A900 may be worth hanging onto.
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Dan, actually the a900 and 135/1.4 do pretty well in low light if one doesn't mind the noise from the higher isos. I have always shot with relatively high speed film so grain never bothered me.

I just adapted a Leica R 180/4 to the a900 and got some pretty decent shots at 5000 and f4. The Leitax adapter and Lau chip is a good combination, but I think the chip needs a bit of work. Like the R 50/1.4 that I adapted with Leitax and Lau, the focus confirmation is more accurate depending upon which way you are focusing from. It can be maddening in a quick situation but otherwise it is fine.

I just bought a monopod for the water polo stuff, so I will see how that goes.

I wish I could shoot in a more controlled environment but that isn't the case.