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In praise of the new iPhone SE


Save for a few shots for a "rough draft" or "reference shot" on projects, or a quick snap on the fly when I didn't have a regular camera handy (which I suppose is the chief argument for having a camera in your phone) I haven't used a phone for a lot of photos.

That's about to change with the SE which I got yesterday.

Admittedly tiny (which I LOVE since I hated phones approaching iPad sizes) it packs quite a wallop.

Because it effectively steals the same processor as the iPhone X and has a 12MP camera with an f1.8 lens (f2.2 on the front) that produces very impressive images.

The pano of the Blue Ridge Mountains where I remain holed up for the moment during the pandemic came in at a whopping 32MB (reduced here for easier uploading). According to PS prints at 300 dpi could be 12" x 25" and at 240 dpi 16" x 31.5".

All for a LOT less than the iPhone X ($399 vs $1K).


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This was taken in "Portrait" mode which admittedly uses a little software trickery to sandwich two images together. But WOW!

IMG_4566 copy.jpg