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Indian Lunch

Don Ellis

And Indian lunch with an Indian girl at Woodland's, Hong Kong's only South Indian restaurant. We've been going there for nearly 20 years but today I decided to act like a tourist and took this photo while the food was still on the table.

Sigma DP2.

Leela's having a South Indian Thali, a tin smorgasbord of dishes, and the missing me is having a Paper Masala Dosa, presumably named because it's as big (and thin) as a newspaper. There's a mound of potato mixture midway through the tunnel which you can't see, and there are two pots of sambar and one of coconut chutney hidden by the tube.

(The names aren't really capitalized -- I'm just repeating the menu appearance.)


New member
Nice one Don, and once again you've delivered with an added little bit of enlightenment. In this case it's an eye opener for those of us who are usually forced to choose between a Chicken Tikka Masala or a Vindaloo.