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IPhone Photos


The iPhone SE definitely saves me $12,000 on a Leica Noctilux. (Definitely software trickery as you can see where the layers meet. But the effect is pretty good.

Happy Face.jpg


Tonight, a perfect sunset...


...followed by a perfect storm...


followed by an even more perfect sunset.


Brought to you by the iPhone SE.


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Good find Jürgen, looks like a spot where I could occupy myself quite well.

Any old counters laying around there? Or was that his brother's business ;)


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Unfortunately that place has changed a lot in the last 3 years . It became smaller and less interesting .
That company , GEIGER , is one of the very big building companies here , now has an other , but big yard , which is about 60 km away from here and is protected by a gate .


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It is just a quick shot . I do not claim , that this is high end photography .
The unsharpness you see comes from the process of converting into BW and the following other steps which where done to the image in ON1 PHOTO RAW 2020 . The results in PS are similar .
The image shall show the possibilities you have when using just a smart phone . Also printing is strongly limited for smartphone images as you can imagin .


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My birthday's coming up and I decided to get myself a gift. I don't need anything in photographic equipment, and I love mechanical watches!

Longines Master Collection Wristwatch
iPhone 11 Pro




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As they say, the best camera is the one you've got. Here, Richard Parker is making friends with a very curious lizard. (iPhone 11 Pro)