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Kdphotography rules


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In case any of you do not yet know how wonderful Ken Doo is, buy something from him! You will get something in better condition than he advertises, perfectly packed and shipped, and, since he has good taste, it will be something you'll be glad to have.

I bought from him an f-stop gear LOKA backpack in black with two small pro ICU's.

10 thumbs up,



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Out of respect for the OP, we should just stay on topic and recognize that indeed, Kdphotography rules.




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Well, now that Jack has disclosed GetDPI is shutting its doors, I just wanted to take this time to remind Don Libby that Kdphotography rules



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"Quote Originally Posted by Joe Colson View Post
I come to this thread on a regular basis just to look at Ken Doo's garage floor.

Haha! Ken is so cool!
Dave (GT)"


Don, just so you know---- kdphotography rules and he has a really cool garage. :ROTFL:
I like this guy Ken. He not only has multiple medium format systems he also has everything from the Traeger catalog. What better way to celebrate what’s life is all about than a good camera and a great BBQ smoked meats.

This coronavirus thing is really upsetting my mojo here in the Inferno. Once things calm down a little bit more, I think it's time to kick off "The Devil's Workshop," which will be much in the same vein of the camaraderie of Don and Ken's past "Pigs" workshops.

I really like those guys, Don and Ken.

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