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Leica M5 or M3 $625 each.


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I just stumbled onto another Plaubel Makina and I need to raise some money quick, so I'm selling these cheap!
I have plenty of history on RFF under 'bob338,' and a few positives in the feedback thread here.

All prices include shipping in the USA and paypal fees. Please consider these final sales, no returns.

Leica M3 ELC Big M3
This is a USER Leica M3 camera. This camera has the big M3 letters on the top plate indicating it was assembled in Midland, Canada. Please follow the link below to read more about the ELC M3s.
This auction includes the original import certificates that came with the camera! How many times have you seen anything like that?
I have put a roll through it and the frame spacing looks right, and the exposures all look perfect. This camera has been in use until about 2 months ago, when it was given to me to sell.
This camera DOES NOT include a film spool. It didn't have one when it was delivered to me, and I don't have a spare one to include with it. They are easy to find on ebay and I know of another RFF forum member(RickP) who is selling a spare spool!
The condition of the camera is definitely 'user,' this is not a shelf queen! The vulcanite is flaking off on the side, but this is easily replaced by CameraLeather for about $15.

$625 shipped and Paypaled

Leica M5 2 Lug Chrome
This is a USER Leica M5. Please look carefully at the pictures, this camera has been used since the day it was bought new by my friend. She has been having trouble with her eyes and stopped taking pictures for the first time in her life!
This is a 2 lug chrome model, produced on October 1 in the first year of the M5 reign, 1971!
I have a brand new Varta battery in this camera and the meter is accurate with my M8 and my Sekonic L308. The Rangefinder patch is bright and contrasty, there are 2 specks of dust in it.
The action on this camera is smooth and everything works perfectly. There is about 1/8 of an inch of slop in the Frameline preview lever, but it works perfectly, it's just a little loose. I have inspected a couple of her recent rolls from this camera and the frame spacing is even, and exposure is right on.

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