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Lenses for 8x10


New member
Hello: Welcome to the crazy world of 8x10!!!!!!!!
I am no expert but this is my advice to you based on the knowledge acquired after screwing up a lot over the last 3 years.
If you are going to do studio work a 300mm or a 250mm will suffice.
The budget is important, unless you are going to by an 8x10 enlarger, you should go for the cheap lenses: Nikon Q 300mm is a wonderful lens that weighs nothing and is super sharp. The Fuji A 240mm is also a great lens and reasonably priced.
If you are going to be out in the wilderness then I would limit my lenses to a 240, 300 and 450 to start with, after several years you can then buy more if you really feel you need more.
If you like wide angle and can afford it, a Schneider XL 150 is the ultimate and best of all the wides, although the XL110 does cover too but with the corners not well delineated and best used with a center filter but the results will amaze you.
Good luck to you and enjoy, a one lens outfit is great to learn, do not go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!