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Ming Thein's excellent MM review


Well-known member
Agreed, it is good! I did though pose a question to him regarding comparison of the new 50mm Cron AA vs. The Zeiss 50 f2. Wide open he shows the edge wrapper on the cigar box sharper with the AA and yet if you look at that crop from both lenses and the other rectangle stickers on that cigar box, they are sharper with the Zeiss. It appears to be a simple case of each lens focused peaked on a slightly different location on the box. If focus bracketing was used, something tells me in this test, lenses would have been almost too close to call. This specifically relates to this set of images only...cannot comment what would happen on other head to head tests between these particular lenses. Just an observation. Otherwise, exceptionally nice work that definitely shoes a great measure of thought.

Dave (D&A)