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New HCam DRS shift adapter for Fuji GFX

Stefan Steib

Active member
Ladies and Gentlemen
See the new HCam DRS Shiftadapter for GFX

Worlds first EOS EF to Fuji GFX with
Dual Rotation Shift - parallaxfree
and unprecedented usability.

Reach 2x15mm(bidirectional) of (single)shift with TS-E, EF-L 11-24 and many other lenses including MF Hasselblad, M645, P645, P67.
You only need fixed adapters - or for a 2nd Shift and Tilt axis
we provide additional TS adapters.

The diameter of the adapter even allows f1,2 Lenses (see images of the adapter with Canon FD-L f1,2/85mm) to be shifted WITHOUT vignetting !

Orders are taken right now, we can deliver immediately
(allow about 10 Days from order until delivery), definitely before end of 2017.

Price is 1395,- € net plus shipment

more infos on our FB pages - and soon our webpage


Stefan Steib

Active member
We took our time and thought about this thoroughly.
There are other products which offer Shift for Nikon or longer flange focal distance mounts,
but that was not what we wanted. Canon EF is our standard interface and we wanted to give a second Y-axis to the TS-E lenses
(especially for the new 50,90 and 135mm)

so we made a little wonder of 3 movements (2x rotation for lens and camera independently) and shift with bidirectional 2x15mm on a very thin 18mm.

this is only possible because we took all the experiences of the Mirex line, the HCam Master TS V2 and the HCam HDS Doubleshifter
and made something touching the limits of precision mechanics and materials. It could not be even a 1/10th of a mm less, or it would not be possible.

Markus Michelberger from Mirex who built this and myself who thought and talked to customers about this for some time
have done the barely possible.

Now lets see what the market says.

Greetings from Germany


Active member
Is there electronic communication with the EF lenses for aperture selection? Looks like a great product!

Stefan Steib

Active member
No sorry there is no space for any contacts and providing a 2x360º rotation with cabling is technically impossible.
But using a preselected aperture works very well. the optimum fstop for most lenses to achieve best sharpness acroos the image circle is f11
or even more anyway. And focusing with working aperture is no problem for the fuji GFX, it also prevents focus shift with stopdown on wideangles.


New member
Congratulations on this ;)

As a previous owner of the Hcam Master V2 for Sony, are there any differences? Cannot quite tell....

Also, is the significant price increase between the two due to the smaller market share of the GFX?

At 1400 Euros, unfortunately it puts me out for purchasing one... :(


i’m not in the market for this but €1400 euro is cheap for a bit of engineering like this, if it was branded alpa or phase the price would double.

Stefan Steib

Active member
This adapter uses complete new parts that we have made especially for the GFX. The diameter of the opening is about 50% larger than the HCam Master TS or the HDS Doubleshifter. That´s possible because the GFX has a much bigger bayonet mount.
The numbers are small, there are much fewer customers who have bought a GFX compared to the Sony A7x series, so we are taking a risk and plenty of initial costs.

And We are definitely not doing this for free. I think it is funny that now people complain about pricings and compare this to products from China who are not paying their workers fair, copy anything they get their hands on and as such ruin prices for brainstorming,work and engineering.

This is the reason why more and more companies go down the drain.
And that is of course something that also affects everyone in his own business.

We will either sell this for a cost covering price or stop doing it.
That simple.



Is the camera body mount interchangeable (Hasselblad X1D, Sony A7rIII)?
Thank you,

Stefan Steib

Active member
Hi Billy

it would be possible to do a Hasselblad XD1 version (maybe, but I doubt there is much use for it as only it´s electronic shutter will work, which is kind of limited)

The diameter for the Sony is much too big, for the Sony we have the (cheaper) HCam Master TS V2 and the HCam HDS Doubleshifter (which has interchangeable mounts).



New member
Does anyone here use the DRS shift adapter in conjunction with the RRS L bracket on the GFX100? The piece adds about 4mm to the vertical grip and I’m wondering if there’s enough clearance between the foot and the adapter for movement. Thanks!
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