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New member in Arizona


New member
Hello, I’m Rick Baran.

I've been taking photographs since the ‘70s. I started with an Olympus OM-1. In college I acquired a Mamiya M645 for making and selling high-quality business cards. Later as a sailor I discovered digital photography with a Konica Q Mini. I eventually upgraded to an Olympus EVolt E300. A few months ago I dusted off the Mamiya after reading an article about retrofitting a digital back onto it. The camera needed some work, but I couldn’t find anyone still working on them. SO...I did absolutely the wrong thing and started purchasing used Hasselblad 31 piece from EBay! I now have pieces to make a complete H3Dii coming in the mail. As long as they all recognize each other, I should be taking photographs with "FrankenBlad" next week.
For film I still use the Olympus OM-4 I purchased while in the Navy. I love nature photography and astrophotography, but never really liked using 35mm for those two branches. I'm hoping that with this(lighter-weight than the Mamiya "tank") Hasselblad system I'll be able to do some nice work. For 'daily' snapshots(like the RoadRunner I saw in the backyard this morning) I'll keep using the EVolt. Once I'm feeling better about my digital work I'll set up a website to post my photographs.
Thanks for reading!

USN, retired.