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New olympus campaign



Olympus are running a new ad campaign in europe for the Pen... whicjh is very groovy

I normally wouldn't post something like this - but I did get down to the last 12 for this campaign, was flown to Berlin, got interviewed and photographed... but didn't make the final cut - still got a little cash that bought me a couple of nice tripod heads

Anyway... moral of the story... I only got picked because they found my picks on Flickr, suitable tagged with the make of my camera...



Good for you, K!:thumbs::)

Perhaps you should start tagging the tripods the little cash brought? ;)


thanks vivek

when i get round to actually taking some photos with them i will... been very occupied on other stuff recently... not least of which is sorting out my move to gent... contract signed on apartment today... now got 6 weeks of packing/relocation hell :)