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NIK Collection gone


Active member
I have just started using PhotoshopCC 2020 and I see that the Nik collection is missing from the Filter menu (I still have it in my Applications folder) Problem is when I try and redownload it I get taken to DXO website wanting me to buy it again for $149 there a way around this or do I have to buy it again??

Don Libby

Well-known member
Still there, you just need to transfer from "Plugin" folder of the last PC to the newer 2020. Been there done it..


New member
I have the Nik Collection which I downloaded when it was free (frankly unlikely to use anything other than Silver Efex Pro, hence wouldn't invest in new); I was under the impression if I update from Sierra to latest OSX it simply wouldn't work (32 bit application?)


Several versions can be found online which are free to download - this because Google made it for free when it obtained the software (and never did anything with it to further develop it).

Don Libby

Well-known member
The following is based on working on a PC...

Open "Program Files" (found in "Local Disk")

Open "Adobe"

In my case I see several issues of Adobe Photoshop CC. I'd open CC 2019.

Look for "Plug-ins" folder and open that. Once opened you see "Google"

Copy the Google directory

Return tot he Adobe dir in Program Files and reopen that and open Adobe Photoshop 2020. Open Plug-Ins and paste the Google dir.

Reopen CC 2020 and it'll be there.

I've done this each time CC updates/upgrades ie 2017 to 2018 etc and it's worked every time.

Google is never lost, it just hides in the previous vs until you cut and paste it to the new one.


Well-known member
I went ahead and "re-purchased" the Nik Collection from DxO.

Not sure if that helped or mattered here, but when I upgraded to PS CC 2020 (via Adobe Creative Cloud app), the Nik Collection automatically migrated over on my PC computer.