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Nikkor Z 70-200mm f/2.8 S Photos and Discussions

Jan Brittenson

Senior Subscriber Member
It's like the file gets auto contrasted... maybe it's some stupid Chrome thing. Ah, yeah if I open the file in Chrome directly it looks the same. Sigh. :(

Edit: I'm a complete idiot! I had DarkReader enabled. But I see the site has a dark theme, and in fact when I disable DarkReader and use the site theme things look normal. Like I said: I'm an idiot.
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Sr. Administrator
Staff member
This lens is so freaking good even wide open. It's honestly the first 80-200 I've ever owned where I felt it held up to the primes wide open. Anyone else thinning their prime bays because of it?

I stopped carrying my 85 prime because when I used it even for portraits I was often at f2.8-3.5 anyway and this lens rocks it there with added framing flexibility. Yes it is big and heavy, but because it's so freaking good it's usually in my bag anyway -- except for travel. With the 1.4x converter attached I can't detect any image degradation at all, so it rides with the lens. First time in a long time I have not had an 85 prime close at hand...

Jan Brittenson

Senior Subscriber Member
It's really a phenomenal lens! The foot came loose a bit last night though; the four phillips screws holding it in place undid themselves a bit. Need to find myself a small screwdriver to tighten it up each day, and when I get home I'll give them a little loctite. Fortunately, at least with the Kirk foot I'm using they're captive and can't get lost. Hard to shoot when the camera and lens wiggles on the tripod - and it's way too heavy to hold by just the camera. This foot is a design fail.

Darin Marcus

Well-known member
Anyone else thinning their prime bays because of it?
No, not me - I've just purchased a 105mm prime :D

Joking aside, the lens is really good, so I agree with you that primes in that range need to bring something else to the table to get used, like macro/closeup capabilities, or a special rendering...


Well-known member verdict: Optically, the Nikon Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S is one of the best lenses in Nikon’s entire lineup. It’s the single sharpest zoom lens we have ever tested!!!

Good for Nikon!!!