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Olympics 2024--what's your game?


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As a competitive archer, I am looking forward to the Olympics. This years is going to have some exciting competition. It is also the year the Korean women are looking for their tenth consecutive win.

If you have never seen Olympic archery, this is the elimination format, the seeding is determined by a 144 arrow qualification. It is a 122cm face at 70m. The gold is 24.4cm in diameter with the ten ring 12.2cm. It is a set system, where each archer shoots a three-arrow end, the highest score gets two points, if tied, then each archer gets one. The first to six points wins (if the score is 5-5, then there is a one-arrow shoot off, with the arrow closest to the center winning). The draw eight of those bows are around 50lbs. This is from the Paris test event, where the Olympic are held this year.


Jorgen Udvang

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If I'm going to watch any of the Olympics, I would prefer to watch smaller sports like archery, kayak etc. Watching ultra-rich celebrities fighting it out on the football field or elsewhere is becoming increasingly boring. Unfortunately, finding TV channels that show those smaller sports is not an easy task, and I assume that the sale of TV rights precludes the IOC from streaming all events live on their website. Or do they? They actually write "Watch live action from your favourite sports..." on their website.

That archery competition was really beautifully shot and directed (the video part as well as the actual shooting). Yes, it is a visually pleasing sport.


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I agree, there are so many sports that are really pretty amazing that don't get the spotlight. I think the trick is finding where to watch them.