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Phase One /Mamiya 645 announcement

Guy Mancuso

Administrator, Instructor
Just got this e-mail

The world's best image Quality, at a price that will grab you. Don't let this one get away. Right now you can purchase the Mamiya 645 AFD II Digital kit with a Phase One digital back and SAVE big time. See for yourself the excitement of truly exceptional image quality. The combination of the Mamiya AFDII camera and 80mm lens with a 39 megapixel P45+ digital back will astound you. Add the Ultra Sharp Mamiya 28mm super wide angle lens - expanding your photography to new heights. Experience what the world's best photography is made of at an extraordinary price. Special package opportunities are also available for the P20+, P21+, P25+ and P30+. For more information and pricing, contact your Phase One dealer or email us at [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> .
This GREAT DEAL is only available at Phase One dealers.

The price 29,900.00 US

David K

Workshop Member
Not easy to say when you're talking about that much money but it seems like a pretty good deal... I think that lens is going for $5k alone.


Well-known member
Used to be we'd choke at $3,990. for a new Contax 645 kit. Now a lens is $5,000. and the replacement for a $500. film back is $30,000. : -)