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Photographing, restoring old black and white photos


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I have a client who wants about a number of old black and white photos, stored in an album, converted to digital and restored.

I have no problem with the photography part (I'll be using my Fuji X-T4 and Fuji XF80f2.8 macro to do it.

However, I noticed that there are a couple of software products which look like they deal with creases, fading, damage etc.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of software and if so can you recommend the package?

Ultimately the photos which look like they are typical early b&w prints (6x4 inches?) will be reproduced up to A3 size as a gallery of past members in a hall.

Thanks in advance for any advice.



After trying some other applications, I have found Photoshop (latest) to have all the best tools I need to restore old photos.
Layers in Photoshop are valuable as is the ability to turn them on and off, the new masking is very easy and useful and very precise.
Although I use Capture One as my program for my Fuji Files, I am glad I also have a subscription for Lightroom and Photoshop for the few tasks only they can perform.