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photography backdrop grey or black...where to get? Resommendations?


Hey guys!
I am looking for a set of backdrop, grey or black. Where do you get backdrops nowadays? I know it is not too trendy nowadays... Recommendations?


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Seamless paper? Not so hard----just check shipping costs if you don't have a supplier locally

Muslin? Better Muslin backdrops make a difference. Cheap stiff always looks cheap.

Several good vendors. I like David Maheu. see,


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For seamless paper, I assume that's what you're looking for, you'll be better off start with white or black. However, that depends on what lighting equipment you have and what kind of subjects you want to use it for.


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Seamless is a pain in the butt and rarely looks good without retouching. Most people don't know how to roll it so there isn't an odd line at the transition from vertical to floor (99% of student work). And a lot of photographers either photograph it in too sharp focus so you see every defect or it just looks lousy in general.

White works if you put light on it so it goes to a highlight tone without detail but isn't burning out. Again, that takes some brain power to achieve. Black works too but it's pretty boring and hair lights reek of cheese.

Some people buy Muslin because it's cheaper than canvas but it always looks wrinkled and crummy.

Way better to get a painted canvas backdrop if you can afford it. is a place I haven't used but it's representative of the type that's out there. There are really beautiful backdrops from big NYC places like Oliphant. You can rent them.

You might even make one yourself. I know of a fine art painter who makes backdrops for her photographer husband and friends. It's not impossible. That's basically who is making the rental backdrops. Ask around a theater department as well?

For $100 or so you can get a Denny Mfg painted background from B&H. I have an old one that folds up like an elephant's diaphragm, it goes about 6x8 feet and has a lighter and darker side. If you are careful with how far the subject is in front of the background (and aperture) you can make it look like a million bucks.

There's a reason most fashion studios build painted cycloramas for backgrounds ;-p


This might be a bit late, but for future reference, I just got a Studio assets PBX in 8x8. My wife actually persuaded me to give it a try after seeing it in action. It’s a super simple setup and so far the black is working out great, not muslin black, aka no reflection, but perfectly black in rendering. The whole kit is super portable and quick to set up. They have other colors and sizes, so while it’s outside of the hardcore “pro” setup, it’s quite capable.