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Pixii ... interesting new digital camera


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I've been following the conversation on a couple of forums about the Pixii rangefinder camera. Seems they're getting close to shipping a first final product now. It's an interesting and odd enough new camera that I don't know exactly what forum it belongs in... If you feel this thread is better sited elsewhere, Moderators, please feel free to move it.

Pixii website:

It's an unusual concept. A very basic interchangeable lens RF camera with modest resolution (12 Mpixel) and a Leica M lens mount that is designed from the start to work together with your smartphone for display and image management. No on-board LCD; limited on board storage; all images stream to the smart phone for display and viewing. Alternate, customized DNG profiles uploadable to the camera. And it's fairly expensive.

Hamish Gill wrote a nice little piece on it recently: About the Pixii camera based on a beta hardware version.

It's an interesting concept, an interesting camera. The price is, of course, pretty high if you do the spec sheet comparison to other APS-C interchangeable lens cameras that is so common nowadays. But I think there is some merit to the effort and could be convinced that the merits can outweigh the price hurdle.

What do you think?