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Potential Warning - User 'muller'


Well-known member
I always find it a bit unusual when a relatively new, low-activity member responds to a WTB request, pasting back the exact same item you're looking for, punctuation and all, and then asks you to communicate off platform. In this case, my WTB was for 3 separate lenses, all of which he had (Rokkor 58 1.2, 1.4, 55 1.7) in the same exact order I had listed in my WTB post.

His historical posts seem to be relatively pointless and not involved in any meaningful discussion about anything.

It's possible this is also just a comprised acount.. or perhaps I'm wrong here, and he's a serious Minolta Rokkor collector, in which case I'll certainly apologize.. but would rather take that risk than have someone get scammed.