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Profoto Battery Charger 2.8A on AcuteB 600?


Well-known member
Normally the 1A charger is used, but the 2A charger can be used as a fast charger or when plugged in and shooting at the same time. These are both made for use with the Acute2 B600----lead acid or lithium.

I don't know about a 2.8 charger.


Active member
I wouldn't use the 2.8A charger for the LiO batteries in the B1 and B2 on the (normally) lead acid batteries on the Acute B.

If your Acute B2 AiR has LiO batteries, you'd need to check the specs for the 2,8A charger vs. the normal charger for the LiO-equipped versions of that series.

The nice thing about good old 'dumb' 12v lead acid batteries is that damn near any old sane 12V charger/tender (designed for lead acid) can be used on them. With LiO batteries, in part due to the electronics onboard the battery, it gets a lot trickier and can be disastrous (financially and possibly physically) if you don't do your homework first. For instance, a lead-acid charger will kill a costly LiO battery.


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Use the 1A or the 2A chargers only on the Acute 2 B600 pack. You can also use them to charge the pack while shooting, though the 1A may not keep up if shooting at higher output.

I would NOT use the 2.8A chargers. The 1A and 2A chargers were designed for the Acute2 B600 and will work with both lead acid and Lithium battery inserts.