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REDUCED: Hasselblad H5x (15K captures) & Phase One IQ1 50 (19K captures), Xlnt++


If you have wanted these items, this pairing is the one to get. It’s hard to find an H5x at all, never mind one with only 15,100 captures. The body is in fantastic condition, and True Focus works beautifully. Comes with the HV-90x II viewfinder, two masks for the 44x33 sensor, front and rear body caps, the latest style battery and Hasselblad charger.

It’s also almost impossible to find an H-mount IQ1 50 back in this condition and with so few captures. Comes with a Hasselblad sensor cover, a battery, a universal charger and the Phase One box. Note: this is the 50MP CMOS 44x33 sensor, same one that's used in the Hasselblad X series and others.

This is a powerful imaging setup.
$7250 + 3% PayPal. Free shipping in continental US.

DM me here.


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Something bothers me about this invitation to buy.
I don’t believe that the Phase One IQ4 150 back will function on a Hasselblad H5X Camera.


It's not the IQ4 150. It's the IQ150. Or maybe it's written as IQ1 50. I'll see if I can edit the title.

It's the 50MP CMOS back with a 44x33 sensor.