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Resolution between digital and analog photographic Pictures


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I recently had a rude awakening that drives physically fail, too. No system will help there unless you are willing to go to extremes.
Using a setup like a zfs based system is indeed complicated for most people.

I would suggest a cloud backup solution like with automatic unlimited backup as insurance against catastrophic failure. It can also help guard against human error.


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If you are using a recent Linux kernel, yes.
Quite new, kernel 6.1.
I read a little of ZFS and it seems I have to install kernel modules and something else I don't know what to manage zfs settings.

You'd need to also use: zfs set copies=2 <dataset> in order to make sure a single drive can recover from a corrupt block using the extra copy.
That is what I was thinking, how to recover corrupted files if you have only one disk. Naturally, you need two copies of a file at the same drive.
The question now is, where I can make that setting? I read there's no configuration file for zfs.

I think I have to learn more.


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Yes. However, please make sure to read the man page before proceeding. In my case, I am using mirrored volumes to implement data redundancy.


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Here's an image I duplicated with my 20mp camera from a K64 slide and another image from the same 20mp camera (non-dupe) Both are 100% crops