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Schneider Super Symmar 120mm HM 5.6 lens


New member
Selling this AMAZING moderately wide. I'd love to swap it for a 110mm XL if anyone would like to trade.
The rear element has a very slight ding on the metal, but doesn't affect the glass, otherwise the lens is in MINTY condition. It comes on an Ebony Board and will include a shutter. No box or anything but I can pack it up nicely.
My price is $1050NET FIRM



The 110mm is a good lens usually, but both it and the 80mm have been having issues over the last few years. They seem to have been constructed using a bad batch of Balsom or whatever cement they used to cement elements together. This batch in a percentage of specimens of these lenses has been seen to haze. This drops contrast and sharpness in the lenses. There are at present no known repair stations for this. I have seen 3 110mms and a couple of 80mms. It is less of an issue shooting B&W film, but still an issue. With digital I have spoken with owners who notice their images deteriorating over time. So be careful. If you buy one get return privileges so you can inspect it it before keeping it.

Hope this helps.

By the way damage to the rear of a lens is much worse than damage to the front. This is because it is closer to where the image is focused.