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Searching: specific light modifier


New member
So I've been shooting panoramics in vertical slices - but with people placed
across the length of the frame, at different depths.. I'd been using a Ranger 1200ws head with a grid,
boomed overhead to 'spotlight" and bring down the ambient. Even with diffusion, I find it too harsh still.
Looking for softer light but with the ability to spotlight - and still light enough
for an assistant to boom overhead, like 7-10ft length..

A) Looking at the Westcott foldable "beauty dish".
Anyone use this and can it be gridded? Any ideas?

B) I've thought of using stripboxes, but I'd need more assistants, and also problematic
since I'm shooting overlaps as I pan across the frame -so it has to be from overhead.

PS whatever happened to lithium battery conversions for the Eli Ranger?


Active member
get the lights closer or bounce them off of big reflectors or foam core if you want soft that my suggestions.
on another note how do you like those rangers.