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Sigma DP2 Merrill shots


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A little sugar maple fall color. Processed with Photoshop x3f plugin and saved Tiff file to LRc . In LRc exported Tiff file to Topaz AI Gigapixel for re-sizing to 42 MP. Exported full size jpg to Flickr. Click to view full size image.

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"What a difference a day (or a week this time of year) makes". Bixby Road in the countryside south of Ithaca near Erin, NY at Stoney Hill Orchard. Orchard is already closed up for the season and not a soul in sight. Trees that were left unpicked are still carrying fermenting apples for the deer to enjoy. Compare this scene to the same shot I took about 2 weeks ago when the foliage was near peak and orchard was jammed with people. Using the Sigma DP2M again as my backup because newly purchased HB 907x is on the way back to Hasselblad for repair already. New processing workflow for the DP2M: Process raw in Photoshop Sigma x3f plugin to save TIFF file to LR which is then exported to Topaz Ai Gigapixel for enlargement to 42 MP TIFF file that is sent back to LR for export as a jpg to Flickr. Click image for the full size jpeg. Shot at ISO 100, f/11 on tripod.


Paul H

A relatively calm spring day & some free time, so off for a pleasant walk on the south coast of the North Island, near Wellington. I saw there was an update to Sigma PhotoPro, so grabbed that and was pleasantly surprised when processing the X3Fs. Seemed much easier to get the colours right than previous versions, but maybe that's just my imagination...

5 shot panorama stitched with Affinity Photo.
Wainuiomata South Coast FP.jpg