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Sigma DP2 Quattro Shots


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From a walk in the local park today. Noticed that we now have labels on representative tree species with QR coded links to full description of the tree and exact location.



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Part of a mural painted by Brazilian street artist Eder Muniz aka “Calangos de Rua” (Street Chameleon) in Ithaca, NY.



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Hi Shaun

Many thanks. Edit: 7 shots, portrait format. Handheld as I had not take my pano head with me. I am torn between this and the colour version,

A further shot from today with the DP2Q. The issue I mentioned on the DP1 Quattro shot thread only seems to appear if the background is blown out. Otherwise it seems to be fine.



New member
I've found that keeping clouds from blowing out can be a challenge with the DP2Q. Especially where the camera is challenged by bright sky between lots of branches. Not a wide dynamic range camera. By the time I pull the highlights within the camera's range, the foreground can be underexposed by 2 or more stops. But good lighting = superb images.