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SOLD: Hasselblad 907X Camera + CFV II 50c Digital Back (50MP 43.8 x 32.9mm CMOS Sensor)


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$5800 - PayPal (I'll pay PayPal fees and shipping charges to CONUS)

I am the original owner, purchased new from Camera West in September 2020 so it is still under warranty. I will provide the original purchase receipt. The 907x camera has never been used and the digital back is in excellent condition. The sensor and display screen are pristine.

Also included are 2 extra batteries and the dual battery charger. All of the batteries are practically new and hold their charge.

Based on image file names, there have been 1657 sensor actuations. I have never reset the counter and that number sounds right.

There was a known issue with the CFV ii 50c camera backs where the black coloring of the buttons would wear off. I sent this back to Hasselblad and they replaced the buttons with new ones that will not wear.

Using a V-system interface, this digital back can be used in conjunction with the included 907X camera body, with virtually any Hasselblad V system film camera from 1957 or later, or with technical and view cameras featuring a V-system mounting interface.

I used it with the Cambo WRS 1600 and Rodenstock/Schneider lenses with Copal shutters. You can sync with studio lighting or flashes using the included cables.

One of the greatest advantages of this camera back is that it has a built-in electronic shutter that was first introduced in the Phase One IQ3 series that is exponentially more expensive. The CFV ii 50c shares the same sensor as the 50 Megapixel Phase One cameras.

What comes with this camera system:
  • The 907x camera body and CFV ii 50c back
  • Dual battery charger
  • 3 batteries
  • Accessories that come with the camera
    • Shoulder Strap
    • USB 3.0 Type-C to Type-A Cable
    • USB Power Adapter
    • USB 3.0 Type-C Cable
    • Sync cables
  • Original boxes and paperwork