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SOLD- Leica M3 Kit


I've decided to make some changes in my Leica film equipment. Although I'll sell individual items I'd rather sell the set so I've tried to price this to make it attractive. The set includes:

Leica M3 body - This is a single stroke version in good user condition. The serial number is 1008xxx placing it in the more desirable >1 million range. The body has been serviced by a local Leica repaiman and operates perfectly. The rangefinder is properly aligned. Cosmetically the body has some wear, Scuffs on the top plate (Leicameter ?), minor dings on the top plate, id# engraved (poorly) on rear top plate below winding lever, minor scuffs on bottom plate, vulcanite largely intact, wear on paint of rear door.

Leica Summaron 3.5cm f3.5 with googles - M-mount version of this lens. The lens looks new...I can't find anything wrong with it cosmetically. Unfortunately, the lens has a fair bit of internal fogging. It doesn't seem to have much of an effect on pictures, but I'm sure there's some loss of contrast. Includes caps (generic not leica)

Leica Elmar 9cm f4 - M-mount version of this lens. The lens looks in good but used condition, The lens has a some internal dust and possibly a bit of fogging. Includes caps (generic not leica)

Leicameter MR-4 - This a good used version of this meter. When I recently purchased it, I was told it works, but I haven't been able to get a reading. I may be doing something wrong and the battery viabilty is a question.

Individual prices including shipping (in N.A.) and paypal:

M3 - $850US
Summaron - $350US
Elmar - $150
Leicameter - $?

Package price - $1,150

Pics here:

As you can see I'm located in Canada but I'll ship to most places if you have a good reputation. I don't charge extra for paypal but Canadians using cash (in person) or EMT will get a 3% discount. All prices include shipping in North America and I cover the insurance.
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