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Sony TX7


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with touch display and 4x zoom ... similar HX5 but with GPS and 10x zoom,
both with video fullHD 1920x1080 and backlit sensor



intense debate is very slow to login, and has been the last several times I've tried - annoying. But anyway, I have the WX1, which also uses the xmor processor and I love it. The thing is, it's not clear to me that the sensor itself is that much better. The great low-light comes from stacking multiple photos, but couldn't you just as easily do that with a CCD? The wx1 has similar noise levels to other compacts I've tried.


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case for TX7 - € 4 / $ 5.99 (with shipping) - some colours, magnetic shutter, fits 100%, protects display

---> China



That's a fine camera!
I read that it has a shorter macro distance than the HX5 but don't know how important the difference is for real pictures?
I'm looking forward for the first comparisons of the two cameras and if the HX5's bigger lens makes any difference.


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TX7 - all pictures only resized with IrfanView
neon light, distance ~ 2m