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the agony

Massive Si

Active member
So after months (if not years) of lusting after a technical camera, and slowly saving up to buy bits here and there, I am finally the proud owner of a basic tech cam setup:

SK35 xl
Cambo Wrs

the final bit arrived this morning (the lens) and.....

we have a 'stay at home' order in effect, and I am not allowed to go out with my camera :(


Well-known member
I feel you. I'm in a position [again] to get a back for my own tech cam setup, but, COVID aside, our second son is due to make an appearance any day now and I realized it makes no sense to buy a back with a newborn on the way. "Back "to the waiting least backs get cheaper and back technology moves forward the longer I wait.


Well-known member
Congratulations! And I’m sure you can find plenty of projects While under lockdown, like shifting to get an entire window in frame without perspective distortion (don’t ask me how I know...).



Well-known member
Congratulations! Hope you'll soon be able to enjoy your new camera outside of the house :) Best regards,



Active member
Congrats! You'll love the process and the results. Still remember the first time I tested mine after it arrived.