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The Definitive Sony B&W Images Thread


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Mighty beast. Fortunately separated from the nature reserve path by a sturdy fence! A7III, 50mm Touit f2.8.



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Entrance to the officer quarters of Fort 4 of the defense ring around Antwerp, built in 1872

NEX6 + E20/2.8

These brick forts were built around 1860 and kept Belgium out of the French-German war of 1870. Both sides found Belgium's defense too strong to go through Belgium and try to attack the enemy from "the rear".

In 1872 all the even numbered forts received officers quarters, the odd numbered forts only had soldiers and petty officers


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How did you get the soft glow effect? very nice.
Dave, that is with another effect which you should find in 'picture effects' in your camera, this one called 'soft focus', there are 3 varieties, low, medium, high.
Fun to use occasionally, but not as much fun as 'watercolour'.;)


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Two images of some deck plants with the Sony A7R(m) on Cambo Actus G with Rodenstock APO-Grandagon 55/4.5. Both ISO 100 f/11 processed in LR, second was given warm/neutral split tone. Click for 1:1 cropped original.



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I very mildly warmed the highlights and cooled the shadows

At the fence (instead of on it ;) )

A850 + Min 100/2.8 macro D


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Thanks K-H, it's to keep people out of the dunes (on the right) to protect the fragile grasses there. I was standing on a little path through the area (which is also fenced on both sides)


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Grasses under a threatening sky (and we did get some sprinkles, but fortunately nothing heavy or serious)

A7ii + MC-Rokkor 17/4