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The Definitive Sony B&W Images Thread


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I've already shown some photo's of my photography visit to Fort Aubin here, but since I used two different camera systems I need to spread them over two fora.

However the subject lends itself to mainly B&W

Most of the fort is 35 meter below ground level, so it need long staircases

Ammunition racks

Elevator shaft, to haul up the ammunition to the guns at ground level

And if the exposure time is long enough it's possible to capture the ghosts of fallen soldiers returning to the place where they ended their earthly lives

First and last: A7ii + Tamron 28-200 Di III RXD, middle two A7Rii + Tamron 20/2.8 Di III OSD


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Calla lilies (there will be deep purple flowers from the taller plants in the bucket and yellow in the plants in the foreground pot).

Sony A6000M (converted by Maxmax) with Rodenstock APO-Sironar-S 100/5.6 @f/16 on the Cambo Actus.