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The February edition of the Medium Format Magazine is here!


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Hello Medium Formatters!

We have a piñata of goodies for you to break into: an exclusive and insightful interview with one of the most successful celebrity and commercial photographers in the world; mesmerizing desert landscapes; personal impressions of the GF 80mm F1.7 lens; stories and imagery by a legendary printmaker and photographer; the How It Was Shot series; a project on “the ugly, the unpopular” that awes with its visuals; culinary photography that will make you hungry for more; stunning urban vistas in China; and an image which surprises. All this and more awaits you in the February edition of the Medium Format Magazine.

Editorials and photography by Robert Ascroft, David Zimmerman, Jessica Wikström, Christopher Burkett, Antony Spencer, Guy Havell, Pieter D’Hoop, Paul Milburn and Marc Koegel. Carefully curated, edited and designed by the Medium Format Magazine team.

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