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Vanity Galleries


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I found a gallery close to my location that was having a "Pay to Play" photo competition. The galleries's business model is really simplistic and probably lucrative too. It's a very small gallery that could probably hold 15 people. Photos are submitted from photographers from around the world for a non refundable $40 for 5 photos in a variety of categories. Submitting more than five photos is an extra cost. Using a so called, "juried" selection process, accepted images are then displayed and printed at $42 per image. The framing and printing service seemed to use basic mat and standard black frames that are generally 11x14 with a maximum framed size 16x20. They encourage those selected to use their printing service for the lowest costs to the photographer. Of course, why not? I imagine all the eager photographers around the globe uploading their photos in hopes of being shown at a gallery that displays approximately 50 frames total. Then there's the gallery in NYC gallery whose pricing structure is sure to knock some pixels off your sensor! Vanity galleries are another attempt at exploiting naive photographers for profit and should imo, be avoided. Vanity galleries seem to have their own reputation in the Art world and are not highly regarded among investors, so avoid to maintain a respectable reputation. Here's a few links for an interesting read...