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Visible Dust large loupe


Some time back I noticed that the exterior of the case for the Visible Dust large lighted loupe was becoming very sticky. The loupe is very handy for medium format digital backs, and I also use it for my X1D. The loupe case is a beautiful one that has a foam insert and is very well designed for the loupe. It is about four inches by four inches and one and three quarters inches high. So, I called Visible Dust and told the representative my problem asking to purchase another case. She told me they would send me a new case without charge. I was thrilled, but weeks went by and no case. I called again and requested to buy another case and was told again that I would be sent a new case at no charge. Again, weeks went by and no case. Then, I emailed them informing them of my past interactions and got no reply. That was months ago, and the case has become so sticky that upon picking up the case the goo from it sticks to my fingers and is almost impossible to get off. The loupe is so handy that I almost am willing to order their new loupe that has LED and red lights (just to get the case), but it is a hundred bucks, and their loupe that I have is excellent. I guess I'm going to have to throw the case away and find something else in which to store the loupe. Any suggestions.

Visible Dust, "Are you listening!"