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Visiting Christopher Burkett


Staff member
I’ve had the chance to meet many talented, well-known and less-known landscape photographers. Each experience is different and memorable in its own way. Having said that, the two days we spent with Christopher Burkett and his wife Ruth was one of the most profound professional and personal experiences I’ve ever had.

Christopher was so generous that he spent a day with us at his massive, three-storey studio. He went with us through the entire process of preparing and printing his one-of-a-kind Cibachrome prints. For those of you who haven’t seen Christopher’s Cibachrome prints in person, it is hard to describe the experience. When you view the print, it illuminates light the way I haven’t seen before in any other print.

Then when we saw what it takes to produce each print, we were impressed by the whole process which has been customised and carefully tuned by Christopher over the years. Not only did he go over every step, showing us his equipment and processes but also personally showcased ten spectacular prints including “Sunrise and Autumn Blueberries,” ”Aspen Grove,” “Appalachian Forest Sunrise,” “Pink and White Dogwood” and my personal favourite, “Autumn Glowing Forest” among others. It was quite a visual experience!

On a personal note, I got to know Christopher and his wife, both remarkable human beings, which made this visit so special.

We are working on an in-depth reportage style series about Christopher Burkett, his work, and our visit. You will find the series in the upcoming issues of Medium Format Magazine and ELEMENTS Magazine.