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West Coast Trip... Suggestions?


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My wife, Marcelle, and I are planning a West coast road trip, starting out in Vancouver, BC, catching up with the coast at Astoria, OR, and then down to SF and slightly beyond to Morro Bay, CA. We will then head east to Yosemite for a few days and then wend our way back to SF and then back up the coast homeward. This all came together fairly quickly as we both had a window of opportunity to get away.

I'd love to hear from you as to the must-see sights along our path. When we lived in Seattle, we got as far south as just below Newport, OR. Marcelle has been to SF before (not me), and we've both seen Monterey and a bit of the surrounding area... the rest is all new.

I am taking my new D300 kit of two bodies, the 12-24mm, the 19-200mm, the 70-300mm and the nifty-50 (1.8). We've got 26 days, so it's going to be a real good initiation for the Nikon gear, as well as an incredible adventure for the two of us!

As far as recommendations, be aware we're a couple of old buggers and not interested in hikes that are too strenuous or too long. Also, any hints for neat places to stay and eat would be welcome as long as they're reasonable. We plan to head out next Wednesday.



Take the ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles. Then Hurricane Ridge, Olympic Rainforest, Washington beaches. Oregon's midcoast is spectacular. Just follow the coast road and you can't miss. In N. Cal the redwoods then stop at Mendocino too. Of course when you get to SF there is that gorgeous Marin Headlands shot of SF and the Golden Gate. Check out Carmel, Point Lobos, Big Sur. Wow you are headed for some spectacular spots.

But I just mentioned a few highlights. Have a great trip !


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Heceta Head lighthouse and beach in mid oregon coast, Bandon is a great beach stop in southern oregon. Doug didn't mention point reyes just north of San Fran.
by the way, my daughter has the same name as your wife, spelled the same. first time I've seen another.

have fun, i've done that trip several times, it is great


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Not sure how old you consider old buggers but if you are golfers and takes Jim's advice to stop in Bandon, you need to play some golf! Bandon Dunes - wonderful courses along the ocean.


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Thanks for your replies...


As we were in Seattle for 9 years, the Olympic Peninsula was our home away from home, in fact all the way down to Cannon Beach is old stomping grounds. So, we're going to hot-foot is down to Newport, OR area as this is essentially where we left off our explorations.

All of your suggestions for N. CA are on our itinerary, but thanks for the tip on Marin Headlands!


Yes, Heceta Head lighthouse was beautiful and I'll get more shots again this time! Pt Reyes is also on our list too.


Well, at late 50's, I sure feel like an old bugger! Actually, neither of us are golfers (which is a good thing, as the last thing I need is another expensive hobby!), but we plan to see the dunes at Bandon.



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I second exactly what Doug said. For the redwoods parks, make sure you get to Jedediah Smith State Park (Stout Grove) and Humboldt Redwoods State Park (Rockefeller Grove). There are various very short trails in the best sections of the parks, so don't worry about the "no serious hiking" bit - not a problem.

I don't know what you consider reasonable, but if you're willing to splurge a bit, the Benbow Inn near Garberville (good location for visiting Humboldt Redwoods) is a lovely, historic, luxurious old hotel with a wonderful restaurant; they have a web site you can check for prices etc.
I don't know if it's still there, but several years ago there was a very good (and less formal than Benbow) restaurant in Gold Beach (or the town adjacent to it, I don't remember exactly) called Chives. The chef used to be at a big fancy San Francisco hotel before he moved to Oregon.
If you like funky (organic, vegetarian, etc.) good food, there's a very good little cafe in Garberville called something like the Wildrose Cafe, and the atmosphere will make you feel like you're back in the 60's. (Not open for dinner, though, I think, just breakfast & lunch.)
If you have trouble getting reservations inside Yosemite National Park (which is probably going to be the case), there are various decent motels in the nearby towns of El Portal, Oakhurst and Mariposa. Yosemite is one of the most stunning places in the world - definitely don't miss it!



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Not sure how old you consider old buggers but if you are golfers and takes Jim's advice to stop in Bandon, you need to play some golf! Bandon Dunes - wonderful courses along the ocean.
Oh Yeah!!!

Bandon Dunes is a walkers course with wonderful, knowledgible caddies who make the day an event, not a good walk spoiled! And two to three hours away is Ashland where you can see seven or eight theater events in three to four days. Everything from Shakespeare to modern theater and all in between. Summer in Oregon is not to be missed. And I am from Colorado so I am biased only by enjoyment!