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What is Fuji next "WOW" product?

As the Fuji rumor says, Fuji is working on developing its next "WOW" product, and may be announced couple of months.
Can we image which the product is? G100R or a digital Xpan with pano sensor?


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I've never been wowed with Fuji, but if they want to wow more audience then they need to step up to Full frame MF. Keep their camera buttons/menus clean and make it simple.
Hasseblad has simple menus, Phase One has simple menus.


If you go by Fuji Rumors, their next product will be a huge sale followed by an advertisement for Topaz AI.
Looks like they are aiming at the sports photography market:

5th Generation GFX?

  • 5th generation GFX? “Unfortunately, we cannot mention our plans for future cases. But as you can imagine, now that we are in the 5th generation, we will of course continue to invest in the development of the GFX system.”
  • 5th generation processor supports AI and deep learning
  • technically speaking this could be implemented in a sportier GFX camera, but performance would be different due to size and weight of GF lenses. Also depth of field management is different between X and GFX.
  • New processor could improve GFX performance, but we can’t say when or how
  • there could be a demand for sports GFX medium format camera. There is no such camera on the market now
  • some photographers used the GFX100S during the Tokyo Olympics