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When to use matte paper??


New member
Hello everyone,

Just curious, What kind of photographs do you think fitt well on matte paper??. I have both matte and gloss paper but use matt less and less.
Any opinions on when to use matte paper?? And why and when matte is the right choice??

Best regards
Mr. Nikon

dj may

Well-known member
If I make an inkjet print it is almost always matt. If I make a photographic print it is always glossy.


Active member
I have both matte and gloss paper but use matt less and less.
Why are you using matte paper "less and less?" If it's because the blackest blacks (D-max) are not as black as you'd like them, resulting in softer overall contrast? You could try spraying your matte print with Hahnemühle Protective Spray, PremierArt Print Shield or a similar coating. In addition to protecting the image, they slightly increase color saturation and D-max. Also, some matte papers have higher D-max results than others. With that in mind, probably a good general answer to your question would be: subjects that work well without the deepest blacks and high contrast often look great on matte paper.