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Wide angle and filters


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I have always used the 40 HR naked (lens not me). Recently, I have tried some filters and am having trouble with vignetting. For example, a 77mm step up ring and a Kase magnetic GND filter creates hard vignetting if I move more than about 8 mm. Even a slim circular polarizer vignettes at 10 mm. I recall using a Lee holder with a 67 mm wide angle ring and 100 mm GND filters with some success, but the circular filters just seem to get in the way. They are convenient, though, so I am hoping to get a handle on how to use them with the wide angle Rodies.

Can anyone summarise the use of circular filers with lenses like the 40 and 32 HR?

Pieter 12

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Have you tried dedicated wide-angle filters with thinner mounting rings? Most of the major manufactures offer them.


I just switched filter systems from Wine Country Camera to the Kase K9 100mm square holder to lighten and compact my load. This system uses a 90mm round CP. I tried it and the holder on a 23HR; hard corner vignetting started around 10mm Shift; none w/ 10mm Rise/Fall (33x44 DB). I need to do a more in-depth check with my other lenses, including the 40HR. Will let you know how it turns out. I am also avoiding stop up rings as they add depth (and complexity). For my complement of Digarons, I only need the 67mm and 72mm adapter rings.

I fear filter systems are somewhat like camera bags and potato chips - just one will not suffice.



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Have you tried dedicated wide-angle filters with thinner mounting rings? Most of the major manufactures offer them.
I am using an IQ4 for movements, so this will not allow as much movement as the mini-MF format. However, with the smaller chip you need to move more to get the same field of view. In the end, both formats will show you the same vignetting effects in the image plane. I have tried a slim filter.

A naked 40 HR can go to about 22 mm before I get real vignetting on my 3di. At 25 mm there is a hard edge.
A slim c-pol filter can go to about 20 mm with minor vignette, and by 22 mm it is bad.
A Lee 100 mm filter holder with a 105 mm top pol on it can move about 2 mm less than the slim filter. Of course, this holder lets me use GND rectangles plus polarizer - a major plus.
If I use a wide angle lens hood on the naked 40, it vignettes about like the Lee, even if I put a step ring and use a wider hood on that.
Any combination of two axes will greatly reduce clean movement. For example, I can get about 8 mm fall and shift with some vignetting.

@glaiben your results are pretty much what I would expect with the 23. I wonder about the 32 HR. For now, I will stick with my Lee system on the 40.
Just to put this in context, the 138 can move almost 30 mm (remaining quite clean) in a landscape application. Long lenses are so well behaved.