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WTB: Digital Back for Hasselblad V


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I'm just getting my toes wet with using a Hasselblad V series camera and would love to get a decent deal on a digital back for it. I'd like something with live view. I've been leaning more towards the phase one or leaf backs but that's just based on a bit of digging in the forums and sensor size bias. I'm based out of San Francisco and since I've recently joined this website, here is a link to my photos: Thanks!


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I don't know much about the Phase One or Leaf digital backs. I use my Hasselblad 500CM bodies with the Hasselblad CFVII 50c ... This back suits the Hasselblad V system SLRs beautifully and works seamlessly with no fuss or synchronization connections required. It is part of the Hasselblad 907x camera package; the least expensive way to obtain one would be to buy a second-hand 907x kit.



It’s a little slow right now. I’m guessing people are on vacation. V mount backs come up every so often. Keep bumping this thread and stay on the lookout. I’m sure something will be posted. I like the photos on your website. Good luck.


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Hi dubscura,

Have my CFV-50c for sale. Bought it second hand myself. Probably less than 100 actuations.

Due to a lack of an effective automatic brightness regulation and lack of an electronic shutter I found it rather difficult to use on a technical camera. (Bought a PhaseOne IQ3-100 instead). But should work very well on a V camera for which it was designed. The newer CFV-50c Mark II still uses the SAME sensor, Sony IMX161.

Last time I checked eBay, (June 10, 2022) CFV-50c offered on eBay for $4,800, $7,100, $6,900, $7,400, and $5,999,

$3999 seems therefore a sensible, priced-to-sell asking price.




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Thanks for the suggestions. All the great deals I've come across are for Mamiyas or Hasselblad Hs. As nice as the CFVs look, I'm going to wait to see if I can find a p65+ or leaf equivalent.


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Thanks, that's good to know. Live View would be great but I'd be content being able to review photos after taking a shot. From what I've read, that functionality (including magnifying the image on the LCD) is available.


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I noted you said p65+ above....even if you go for an older CCD back, you may want to look for a Phase One IQ or Leaf Credo back over a p-series if LCD is of importance. My understanding is the LCDs in the IQ backs and Credo backs are a huge step up from the p65+ and Leaf Aptus, live view or not. Happy hunting!