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WTT: Plaubel Makina W67 for Hasselblad system


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This is a long shot, but here goes...
I posted this on RFF also, I have a long history there under the same name. I also have 13 years on ebay as 'misterbob.'

I have had this Plaubel W67 for a few months(bought from Ryan, EnochRoot) and I think I'm ready to move back into the Hasselblad system. I have a Plaubel 670, a Mamiya 7ii and a G690 that cover my needs well enough.

My W67 works perfectly and looks excellent with a little wear. I have a generic lens cap for it. You don't really need a hood for it, the lens is recessed and it doesn't flare at all.

I want a Hasselblad 503CW with at least 2 modern backs and a wide lens and a 100mm or 80mm lens. Black or silver is fine. Any finder is fine but I would prefer an Acute Matte D screen.
In a perfect world I would love to get a Hassy 203 or a 205, but I know that's pretty unlikely.

I would also consider a trade for a near mint Pre-ASPH Summilux 35mm, plus cash.

I would also consider a Mamiya 43mm, 65mm, and a 150mm all together for this camera.

Please pm any offers or email bob338 at yahoo

This offer is US only, and only to established members.
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