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Thread: Catching my limit or Large Format Camera's

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    Catching my limit or Large Format Camera's

    I think I have finally caught my Limit of Large Format Camera's. My latest acquisition is Cambo 8 x 10 Legend. It came with a lens board, extra Brand new 8 x 10 Bellows, 8pc set of 8 x 10 film holders, 8 x 10 back, and a 8 x 10 to 4 x 5 reducing back. Unfortunately the ground glass for the 8 x 10 was broken in shipping but the good news is the seller was kind enough to pay for a replacement.

    I would encourage anyone who has an interest in Exploring Large Format Photography to take advantage of the current prices at this time. There are many bargains to be had if you are patient, do your research, and buy smart.

    I think I have finally reached a stopping point. I will be concentrating on finishing up my Vintage Century No. 2 Wooden 8 x 10 and putting it in shooting shape.

    While I am working on it, I can shoot the Cambo Legend and get what I think will be a good introduction to 8 x10. I have the Cambo SC2 or NX that I might possibly get rid of since the Legend has a reducing back. That camera is in excellent shape and it will be a hard decision to make. My Zone VI that I ended up with by chance is not going anywhere. It is a pure joy to shoot and beautiful to look at. I am hoping when I finish the Century No. 2 it will turn out to be something special as well.

    I know I have quite a few camera's here but they are all somewhat different. In the end If I like shooting the 8 x 10, I will end up selling off one or both of them if I find the right Zone VI in an 8 x 10 model.


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    Re: Catching my limit or Large Format Camera's

    Congrats Jason! Time to get out and create some images, and don't forget to share them with us!

    "Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence."

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