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Thread: Just say one wanted to get into 8x10...

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    Just say one wanted to get into 8x10...

    What would be a cheap way to go? I say 8x10 because I could make reasonable sized contact prints with out bothering with an enlarger.

    Just thinking...

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    Re: Just say one wanted to get into 8x10...

    John, if you want to do some 8x10 shooting and don't mind driving over to Denton, let me know and you can run some sheets through my camera to test the waters before diving in. I need to buy some more 8x10 film as I've been using it for wet plate and paper negatives only lately, but this would be a good excuse to pick up a modern 8x10 lens and some film (I only have brassie portrait lenses for it right now).

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    Re: Just say one wanted to get into 8x10...

    Hi John:

    If weight and or elegance are of no concern, then there is the Calumet C1 8x10 folder. Two main versions, an aluminum black-colored one that weighed in at about 14 pounds IIRC, or a magnesium Green one that tipped in at just under 10 pounds IIRC. Either of these can usually be found for around $300 on eBay.

    For a little more you can find older Arca Swiss models for around $1000 and they are much more refined and still very usable -- 8x10 does not need anywhere the refined movements that 4x5 and smaller formats need.

    Your biggest expense will be holders, as Fidelity stopped making them a few years ago and the supply has dried up...

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