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Thread: My sort of S-007 review..

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    Re: My sort of S-007 review..


    I have tried tethering the 007 to a MAC (el capitan OS) with LR and was unsuccessful. It recognized the camera, but none of
    the controls worked. Leica said this is a known problem, but they did not have a solution.

    Are you using a MAC and if so, what version of the operating system?

    Has anyone successfully tethered the 007 to El Capitan? If so, how?


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    Re: My sort of S-007 review..

    Quote Originally Posted by mjr View Post
    Hi elitegroup

    Not sure if you use Image Shuttle and a watched folder as a preference but I tether with the 007 a lot and it tethers direct to LR without the need for IS and watched folders. Opening a tether session with the 007 it recognises the camera straight away and works exactly as my Nikons did, it's quick, a second or two and the frame is up, works really well. Te supplied cable is great, long enough for me and very secure in the camera, overall it's a great way to work.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for the info Mat is very much appreciated.

    Does any one know the speed of transfer to an iPad from capture?

    I know the H5D-50c tethered and iPad speed is 2secs.

    I'm currently considering the Leica-007 or H5D-50c as my next purchase I'm leaning more towards the 'S' for it's dual shutter system and smaller form factor even though I like the skin tones, true focus and very fast, reliable tethering of the Hassy.


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