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Thread: Bowens Wafer 200 anyone?

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    Bowens Wafer 200 anyone?

    Hi Guys,

    I have an offer of a Bowens Wafer 200cm softbox and stand at a good price. I was going to get an Elinchrom Octa but it can't be properly fitted onto the Bowens Monoblocs I have (they don't make an adaptor and botching one is tough because the head is too long to fit inside the Octa, as per the way the Octa is designed).

    Does anyone have an opinion about the Bowens version? Would I be better off getting the large Hex/Oval version so as to get decently shaped catchlights? Any idea how heavy they are and how quick to put up and take down?

    I'd be very grateful for any opinions!



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    Re: Bowens Wafer 200 anyone?

    Hi Tim,

    Just go for it
    I own three 140 Wafers, one almost 5 years old and two bought few months ago and dont have on my mind more fantastic soft light modifier. Didn't go for 200 Wafer because I have 220 white Para, but there is no doubt for Wafer 200.
    Just take it and enjoy the light


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